What is your favorite –ist label? I usually think sociologist, dentist, pharmacologist, and scientist when adding the –ist suffix to words. In doing this I have shown the way in which the label applies to specialists, but there is a much darker side of the –ist suffix.

Just as specialists are more than their occupation, the label of their occupation does give us an understanding of their background. The problem is when we solely identify someone by an ambiguous label that issues arise. How many dermatologists do you think are shown bug bites and skin rashes in their free time? Boiling the sum of a person into just one label is essentialist; meaning their inherent personhood is defined by some preconceived notion. Mr. Misogynist and Ms. Misandrist may hate each other, but can anyone really apply such broad stereotypes to either a man or a woman, on such a consist basis? I reject this and believe people can transcend the thoughts and opinions other people have in identifying them.

A good example of this is Gamergate. Just because a very small minority of radical feminist gamers find AAA games offensive does not mean all gamers hate women and are racist. How racism and sexism go hand in hand within this campaign for social justice in gaming is mostly a ploy, than an actual complaint. I understand that different forms of entertainment should be inclusive to all people and their preferences. However when those games do nothing more than indoctrinate its players with Cultural Marxism; it is no wonder why most gamers don’t want to play the games social justice warriors champion. Making video games politically correct is like charging people with assault who play contact sports. These are the same kinds of people who would heckle a stand-up comedian because he offended them.

Here we were, trying to enjoy a night out and have a few laughs, until someone with an authoritarian opinion, pipes up to interrupt the comedian’s set; temporarily ruining the show for everyone. This is what Anti-Gamergate is all about. They pride themselves on being the fun police, instilling political correctness, and forcing creative expression to be only somewhat expressive. My analysis: they just hate freedom if it does not appeal to the social norms they see fit to perpetuate. Perpetuation of which is failing, so now they demonize all who dare to disagree with their cynical perspective. Negatively labeling others in this age of political correctness is as, if not more, alienating to a person than if that person actually advocates for/or participates in hate speech.

If you have studied labeling theory from the symbolic interactionalist perspective, then you can understand what happens when people are labeled. We often call this phenomenon a self-fulfilling prophecy, because those labeled will actually start manifesting the attributes assigned to them based on how adhesive the label. I have come to the conclusion that labeling the behaviors of others as politically incorrect, when unjustified, to be a form of socially institutional prejudice. Calling someone racist, classist, or sexist, if you do not agree with their perspective on controversy, does nothing to further discussion or quell ignorance. It is just a form of social and relational violence, inflicted on those who refuse to conform to the norms of leftist socio-cultural pathology. Not everyone is a hardcore bigot and people can change, but they most certainly won’t if the chance to change is made unavailable to them. The solution to this social division stemming from quick accusations and mislabeled victims is the creation of a new label itself.

Don’t be a typist. Reject using negative –ist labels to describe others based on your essentialist notions of them. Labeling is a form of objectifying an individual, and in doing so we limit, if not completely diminish the agency that person possesses. We create more theoretical misogynists, criminals, terrorists, racists, classists, and ablists through this practice of labeling. A good example of this was a crime that occurred in Richmond at 6:20 PM on the 300 block of Hancock Avenue, December 1st of last year. 23 year old Cassandra Albrecht was charged with a misdemeanor for obstructing a police investigation after she pepper sprayed an innocent man in an SUV once he asked her if she was ok, and if she could give him directions. It was not the man who filed the police report, but the aggressor who wanted other people to know that she was almost kidnapped. Nothing of the such was going to happen on that evening, but taxpayers, the police, and primetime news networks all lost valuable resources caused by the student’s fabrication. Criminology professor Joan Neff from the University of Richmond noted that most falsely reported cases are from people who simply want to feel like someone cares (Hall, False Abduction Report Could Lead to Charges).

Do you think we should label those that mislabel? Through the practice of labeling others “typist” we can actually use labeling to increase freedom and decrease social division. I don’t mean to impose a new form of political correctness, quite the contrary. I hope that by labeling the mislabelers we can live in a world with more free speech and less censorship. From labeling these people, we can stop the social alienation and stigmatization they spread amongst interpersonal/ multicultural relations. I’m not saying we live in a world without sexism or racism, but that we can live in a world without people making things sexist and racial in the name of fighting it. Imagine a world where you can approach, compliment, and have a conversation with other people without being accused of harassment. Imagine a world where no matter how off-color the joke, people will recognize it as just that; a joke. Imagine a world where people do not live in the fear of being labeled misogynistic or racist, because those who seek to instill political correctness into everything have been identified, labeled, and socially ostracized. In this world everyone knows what bigotry is, but none feel the need to fuel the fire of hatred with their own hypocritical form of anti-bigot bigotry. Can such a world exist, or am I just an idealist?

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