I don’t know what you are doing for Halloween this year, but if you are staying inside it might be fun to watch some old South Park episodes. The videos listed below were part of a South Park Halloween Special that aired this week. Yet, I have to admit The Simpsons had my favorite Halloween cartoon this year.

Raisins was the first episode where the Goth Kids were featured at length as they hung out with Stan after Wendy dumps him for Token. They do more for the story plot than just making an appearance or dropping in a few jokes. They are still a bummer, but they have a deeper context for the meaning within narrative. Stan hangs out with the Goth Kids to reveling in his sadness for most of the narrative, but later he finds closure in calling Wendy a bitch and flicking off Token. Unfortunately this video was not available on Hulu, but it was one of the weaker episodes anyways.

The Ungroundable
Butters joins the Vamp Kids.
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Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers
A member of the Goth Kids was converted to Emo so the Goth and Vamp Kids team up to get to the bottom of this conspiracy.
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I liked the last episode’s way of exploring the differences between “Goth” and “Emo.” I want to say I know the difference, but I will stick to the examples provided from the show. According to the Goth Kids, Emo is cynical where Goth is nihilistic. This means that the former thinks everything is messed up and the latter thinks everything is meaningless. They both can be perceived as cynical, but the main character of this episode argues that Emos internalize that cynicism where Goths just project it. The gist of it was that Goths think the world is ultimated fucked up, but Emos think that they are ultimated fucked up. However, both would agree that to believe life has meaning is meaningless because all caring can do is bring pain.

I always found that line of thinking suffocating to creativity and personal liberty. What would it mean to be an optimistic nihilist, instead of a cynical or pessimistic one? One could still identify as Goth, but I think it would mean taking a more existential angle. If life is meaningless but we can create meaning within our own lives, then isn’t that alone meaningful? Whether other people care shouldn’t matter because we care, and therefore we create meaning out of the meaningless world around us. It is ok for the meaning of life to have no point, because that alone gives us a life without guidelines for the construction or perception of meaning. This is a good thing, because we have the freedom to create our own objectives for personal happiness wherever and however we want. The beautiful possibilities within merely the act of caring holds true in those moments when your passions are reciprocated. Expecting this all the time will lead to suffering, but every once in a while we can get the feeling that life is worth living. It is such a blessing to find people that hold the same values within the way you construct meaning out of this world, and for that I thank them for the opportunity.

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